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Hi my name is Irene O'Daly, I am the proud mother of two adult children. My son is also a personal trainer. Our family is not only fit but staying fit is a way of life for us.

My sports of choice were Squash and Snow Skiing, which lead to two knee reconstructions. The positives are that my ACLs have been strong for over 20 years and I can workout, trek and ski to my heart's content.

Arthroscopies, ACL recons, shoulder repairs - had my share. That's why I decided to add Rehab Training to my skills. I know what it's like to be injured and know that you can have confidence to come back from it if you train the right way. Build up your muscles and strength to get back on the right track.


You will be inspired, motivated, your confidence will increase, your fitness will evolve and you will begin to lead a new lifestyle.

I want for you what you want to achieve. My interest in you is to make sure you progress and succeed. I will ensure that you get the most out of every workout, that we work specifically to strengthen any weak areas.

I will explain which muscles and why you are working them and that your technique is spot on to avoid injury.

You don't have to think about what to do - leave it to me.


If this is your first time with a personal trainer let's take an easy first step. The introductory offer is designed to give you confidence in my abilities to assess your current health, hear your goals and match that with a game plan for us to follow together on your journey. Get in contact with me today and let's make fitness part of your life.