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Personal Connection

I want to build a healthy relationship with you. I'm not looking to have hundreds of clients, just enough to impact people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

Everyone is an individual. It's important to me to figure out what your goals are and how I can get you there, not just a program for everyone.

Flexible Training Options

Choose where you train. Either in our home studio or in your home using live online video. We have the capabilities to do the same exercises wherever you feel comfortable.

A Great Way To Start!

Your Introductory Offer:
I want to make sure we're right for each other and I can help you with the goals you're looking to achieve! That's why I've made it as simple as possible to claim your first session. Here's what you get in 45 minutes.

  • Review health history, goals & getting to know your body
  • Fitness assessment: Cardio, Strength & Flexibility
  • Plan of attack moving forward

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My thanks for 3 years of excellent Pilates sessions. As well as improved overall strength, flexibility and posture, my arthritic wrist are much less painful.
More impressively I no longer visit a chiropractor after 30 years of adjustments for a lower back problem.
At 83, I really benefit from and appreciate your friendly concern and expertise.

Colleen L

Irene has been training both Linda and I for a couple of years now. She keeps the sessions interesting and fun for us both even tho it would be challenging to train 2 very different people at the same time.
We are not spring chickens and she adapts to our constantly changing injuries weekly.
I did a lot of due diligence prior to starting with a personal trainer and now years later am still very happy with the choice we made.

Stephen S

Being able to train online with Irene O'Daly has meant that I can continue my fitness goals (all be it in my lounge room) and stay motivated all year round. Knowing that I have sessions booked in when I am on holidays has kept me focused and bouncing into the New Year with a positive mindset. Personal training with Irene is helping me to achieve my fitness goals, with varied workouts, all modified for my back injury.

Kellie J

Irene O'Daly is a great great great trainer. Ring and book yourself in for a session to try yourself. I can thoroughly recommend her!


I've trained with Irene for 18 months and I love it! Irene always keeps the sessions interesting with new exercises drawn from a variety of disciplines. She pushes me to achieve more but is always careful to avoid injury. I have complete faith in her abilities and wouldn't be without her.


I have never had a personal trainer before and after 3 years working with Irene each week I realise what a difference it makes. There is no boredom, just interesting new ways to get muscles, joints and the body functioning better and terrific care and support to get the technique right and maximise the benefit. A very rewarding experience.


We always enjoy Irene's sessions because she changes them. They get harder every week.


Irene O'Daly will try her best to get the most out of you.


I have worked with Irene for more than 18 months. She is highly skilled, thoughtful, sensible and a pleasure to work with and talk to. She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push, though never too much. She demonstrates and explains each exercise thoroughly for your benefit. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.


I have just started here. A tailored, personal program - so far so good! I keep going back for more!


Irene is a true professional, patient, precise and understanding. She had me doing Pilates of all things, and I am not really a 'pilates' kind of bloke, but it worked! Go Irene.

Michael D

I have been training with Irene for almost two years and she has brought much positive change and transformation into my life. Being 30 weeks pregnant, she curated and tailored a special program throughout my pregnancy and as a result, I've experienced no injuries and enjoyed a hassle-free pregnancy (even my obstetrician is impressed)!! I'm so grateful and appreciative for Irene's help, coaching and guidance. Due to her extensive experience in Pilates and rehabilitative work, Irene has focused on building my core strength and pelvic floor, which has been invaluable as I head into my third trimester. Not only is she a absolute delight to work with, I feel that I am in safe hands and I'm a converted client for life!


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